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Whether your business is looking for data for direct mail or telemarketing Zent has the facility to bring you the most up to date comprehensive database available.

Our List are up to date, cross verified, and retrieved to order. Unlike many other list brokers we don’t sell data that has been sitting in a stagnant database being sold to 100’s of business’s and going stale. We believe effective data used for direct selling has an expiry date, and we like to keep it fresh!

Database Guarantees

  • Exclusivity of territory to ANY business for 6 months
  • Exclusivity of industry in your territory for 12 months
  • Each list purchased and retrieved and cross verified at time of purchase
  • No “set up” fees (we want your business, were not going to charge you to join)
  • Compliance with the DNC, ACMA, and ACCC

Since may 2007 with the introduction of the Do Not Call Register and May 2010 with the introduction of the fax marketing standard, and the continual changes to ratings relating to direct sales and marketing, Zent ensures 100% compliance with the ACMA , fax standard, anti spam act and the office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

For this reason Zent will not provide data for CONSUMER mass email marketing!

Don’t take risk being fined your 100% complaint!