CRM Sales Machine

Zent Sales and Marketing is happy to welcome LMR International and their unique CRM software to our business services suite.
CRM Sales Machine is a one-of-a-kind Contact Management Software for Business Professionals.

CRM Sales Machine provides a complete CRM business solution with financial, sales, marketing and web capabilities. With hundreds of unique features not found in any other software at any price, CRM Sales Machine is positioned as the must have for any business that needs more than your basic CRM.
After reading about how and why a CRM is important to your business HERE, you can read below about some of the amazing extras CRM Sales Machine Provides.

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• CRM Financial Machine
• CRM Sales Machine LITE

Some of the biggest differences:

• Survey Generator
• Trouble Ticket System
• Lead Extractor
• Online Virtual Contacts with SIP integration
• Time Tracking Manager
• Agent Metrics and Metrics Analyser to quantify anything you want
• Scannable Templates Forms (fill-in forms that you scan)
• Integrated Personalized and Bulk E-mail System (send and receive)
• Integrated Telemarketing System with merge fields and Graphic Charts
• Unlimited Levels Affiliates Commission System with automatic payable creation and further check printing
• Auto messenger System for Marketing Campaigns
• Up loadable Online Client Status Portal (to interact online with your clients)
• Advertising Centre -Scripts, Banners, Video Manager, Passwords Manager, Advertising Places
• Website Competitors, and Prospecting Analyser
• Keywords Manager
• Codes Manager – Blueprints & Procedures
• Images Manager
• Inventory System
• Accounts Receivables & Accounts Payable
• Check Writing, Bank Reconciliation, Credit Card Charging,
• Knowledge Database to maintain a repository of your company information, training, policies, etc
• Integrated Project Manager with Gantt Charts
• Trouble Ticket System with canned answers to service your clients
• Product Catalogue creator (print – email or fax your product catalogues)
• One-Click Online Web Store creator (controlled from your computer)
• Website Community Builder
• Plus a Whole Lot More