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Customer Management Relationship (CRM) is a widely implemented strategy for managing a customers interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organise, automate and synchronize business processes- primarily sales activities, but also those for marketing ,customer service and technical support.

The overall goals is to find, attract and win new clients and cultivate existing customers. This in turn reduces the cost of marketing and client service. Measuring and valuing customer relationship is critical to implementing this strategy.

The Zent team can help your business in deciding the right option for you.

Zent provides full implementation and consultation of on demand customer relationship management or “CRM” solutions. A CRM is a strategy for managing business interactions both in house, with new and existing customers. The overall aim is implementing a CRM solution to generate new business and cultivate existing business for new sales opportunities. As well as providing in most cases a full suite of applications allowing better communication with in your own business, and eliminating the need for the off shelf products, for example Zoho provides a similar version of Microsoft Office, within its own on demand system (In the Cloud). The CRM will reduce costs, increase your bottom line and allow for a much more transparent and efficient view of your business.

Zent have a partnership with both Zoho and Vtiger, and depending on your requirements and business needs in most cases one or other can be implemented to provide you with a service that meets your business needs. We are happy to help in the consultation and strategy mapping with other ERP and CRM solutions.

Check out the Zoho & Vtiger page to find out more, or fill out the below Enquiry form, and we discuss your requirements further and provide an obligation free consultation and recommendation for you.