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Transport – This Company has chosen to keep their name private.


<Company Name> A nationally advertised transport company that has been established for 15 years, was facing a challenge. Whilst they had service areas throughout Australia for their lucrative transport company, there were no systems in place to manage the operational and marketing side of the business. An out-dated booking system from 15 years was in use, which did not provide a streamlined process for the sales and bookings aspect or any way to correctly monitor marketing campaigns and ROI’s. Whilst the company was profitable and had a lot of the market share, a lot of opportunities for bookings were being missed, limited market segmentation had been conducted, and sales staff not “Closing” the sale.


The objective for this company was to first create a new system, that would not only handle the sales side of the business, but would also allow for agents to be able to accurately create bookings without intensive training on individual locations, pricing, etc… that was required previously. Also we needed to ensure we could monitor the conversion rates on bookings, and isolate the reasons behind not converting. In addition we wanted to review the marketing strategies, and work out the cost/benefit to these methods, and ensure that marketing funds were being used diligently in the right areas, and if not reallocate these funds to a more productive area. Further to that Zent would be taking on the sales role of handling the national bookings, for <Company Name> on an ongoing basis, with accurate reporting on the strengths and weaknesses and capitalise on recruitment of new transport providers to facilitate the bookings, in current unserviced areas.


First step was to review the existing system, and create a CRM Action Plan to incorporate the necessities of the system and allow for add ons into the future. We chose to use Zoho CRM, as it allowed for easier integration into other apps, and Zoho was constantly upgrading their service. By putting the Zoho CRM system into action, we would be able to reduce downtime, and streamline a lot of the business processes. We would then be required to migrate the information from the existing system into the new Zoho CRM System. It is worked out on average that incorporating a CRM system into a business they are likely to receive around 25% increase in sales alone. Zent would then be required to put in place booking agents to book the transport, on behalf of <Company Name> and ensure the conversion rate would exceed the current situation. Once the business process was established, we would be looking at the recruitment of additional transport providers and expand on the current market.

Resources needed :

  • Implementation of a CRM System
  • Zent CRM Developer
  • Zent Market Researcher
  • Zent Booking Agents
  • Zent Business Database List



Zent successfully completed the transition of the existing system to the new system in less than 4 weeks, although continual improvement is necessary to expand the capabilities of the system and incorporate more features. The CRM system now houses the processes for the business, linked with the website and assists transport providers with information that they can readily access as needed. Zent also provides the ongoing training to these providers in using the system. Market research confirmed that in some areas funds were not being utilised to its full potential, and are in the process of being reallocated to more profitable areas. Zent continues the bookings on behalf of <Company Name> and 3 new transport providers have been recruited and are due to commence operations shortly. Zent is looking at provisioning resources to allow for a 24/7 booking service as opposed to traditional operational hours. Zent is also looking at handling <Company Name’s> invoicing and profit and loss, and agreements for both are just over the horizon.