Industry / Company:

Advertising Sales – City4Two Voucher Booklet (Event – Republic)


Event republic had established a concept to provide Two for One vouchers to consumers in the form of a unique booklet that would be both useful, and visually appealing. The idea was to sell these booklets to consumers in a specific market segment that would be predominately for people aged 18-35 that enjoying dining out regularly, were cost sensitive, and social people.


The objective was to recruit businesses in the Melbourne CBD geographic to participate in this booklet by willing to offer Two for One deals to future customers. There was a very strict time line to recruit these business’s to ensure the booklets would be printed and ready for sale by the beginning of December.


The strategy would be to compile a list of business’s and telemarket direct to the business owners and decision makers and request their participation in the program. As there were no previous telemarketers for this programs, and no systems in place, Zent would be required to create a basic CRM system to handle the database and automate some processes in engaging these businesses. In addition as Zent would not be face to face with the potential businesses Zent was required to create a process for the authorisation of the agreement to participate, and receive the relevant information for printing. Zent chose to use Echosign for the agreements that could be emailed to the participating businesses that were internet savvy and comfortable with using an online signature to complete the agreement, the reason for this was to receive the agreements faster as there was a strict deadline. Knowing that not all businesses are internet savvy, or comfortable with online signatures, Zent chose to incorporate E-Fax also as an alternative although not preferred method of agreement handling. We decided agreements done over the phone or via IVR would not be effective as the business would be required to provide physical images, and text for printing. Zent used their top Telemarketers to handle this campaign and carefully monitored the results to ensure the target time would be achieved.

Resources needed:

  • Implementation of a CRM System
  • Zent CRM Developer
  • Zent Business Database List
  • Zent Telemarketers
  • Echosign
  • E-Fax


Zent successfully achieved the results necessary to ensure the City4Two Voucher booklet would be ready for printing and completed before December. Zent however did find that although online signing is effective in many countries, was not at all effective with the Melbourne business geographic having preferred faxing of agreements, this is something we will consider in the future at Zent.


As of November 15th the booklet is currently available for purchase through various locations in Melbourne, as well as online. Since completion of the City4Two Voucher Booklet, Zent has been asked to participate in the sales of the book to consumers. This is currently under negotiation. You can visit the City4Two website at